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Game features:

- U.S hosted MMORPG environment enhanced with multi-locations tunnels to ensures Lag-free;

- Up to 600 CPs drop per monster and 800 (B)CPs per monsters;

- Newbies Protection system to provide a fair environment for the new players.

- Free (Bound)+12 maxed gears & Free (Bound) P6 DragonSoul Set for the new players;

- P7 DragonSoul Shop for (Bound)CPs available at TwinCity;

- NemesisTyrant Spawning at DivineJade with P7 Rewards;

- PurpleBanshee, TeratoDragon and 5 other Bosses are spawning at all the cities;

- LavaBeasts gives L6 Sacred Refinery items;

- Max level is 140 with high leveling EXP rate;

- Custom PVE elements such as Tasks/Missions;

- Hunting and leveling Non-PK zones;

- Perfection system, Wardrobe, and TempestWings included.

- 9 Balanced game characters to choose between includes the new Wind-Walker class;

- Epic weapons, and skills are implemented;

- Chi, Refinery, and Sub-classes (No Jiang-Hu);

- Guilds & Clans interfaces;

- Flower ranking and Quiz show are available;

- Team Qualifier and Arena Qualifier were developed professionally;

- Houses and Furniture items have been implemented;

- A lot of PVP Events/Tournaments includes the ProArena;

- Professional Support team to answer/solve your cases/inquiries as fast as possible;

- Professional developers to ensure bugs-free and provide the best possible;

- Available for WindowsOS and MacOS;

- Considering a high-end provider to ensure the highest performance ever;

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