Immortals Guide


Game features

- an American, and up-to-date server;
- Available for WindowsOS and MacOS;
- CP drop 2500-3500 CPs per monster;
- Newbies Protection system to provide a fair environment for the new players.
- Free maxed gears for the new players;
- 8 Balanced characters to choose between includes the Dragon-Warrior;
- Epic weapons, and skills are implemented;
- Chi, Refinery, and Sub-classes (No Jiang-Hu);
- Guilds & Clans interfaces;
- Dragon Souls, Refineries, Accessories, and Skill souls;
- Flower ranking, Quiz show, and Tempest Wings included;
- Max level is 140 with high leveling EXP rate;
- Custom PVE elements such as Tasks/Missions;
- Hunting and leveling Non-PK zones;
- A lot of PVP Events/Tournaments;

    Chat rules
     - Spamming or insulting is forbidden.
    - DO NOT ask to become a Moderator/Owner/GM or PM.
    - DO NOT advertise or you will be permanently BANNED.
    - Only english in the main chatbox, other languages in private chat.


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