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    Chat rules
    - DO NOT ask to become a Moderator/Owner/GM or PM.
    - Only english in the main chatbox, other languages in private chat.
    - Spamming or insulting is forbidden.
    - DO NOT advertising or you will be permanently BANNED.

Become a Moderator!

Our Thanksgiving event has been started, You all will be enjoying..

- Double credited CPs: Any CPs you'll be purchasing from PrizeOfficerNPC will be doubled.
- X2 Drop rate: All mobs will be dropping the double CPs amount.

Note: This event will be running until 00:00 AM 27th of November.

Thank you, and Enjoy.
Immortals Staff,

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Share your Kingdom victories with us, Send us your pictures whether by posting them on the wall or privately and we will share them here.

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