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Attribute Points
Written by Nemo

What's the Attribute Point?
Attribute points are points that gets added to your character every time you level up. Generally, it won't cause any problem, because the points are automatically allocated by system. However, when your character is reborn, you can allot the points to different attributes as you wish.
Each character can have up to 6000 Attribute Points as in 1500 for each Attribute section.

What's the effect of the Attribute Points?
You got 4 types of attributes, Strength, Agility, Spirit, and Vitality.

Strength: Increases the Attack/Damage of your Character.
Agility: Increases the attack hit rate of your Character.
Spirit: Increases the Magic Points of your Character.
Vitality: Increases the Hitpoints (HP) of your Character.

How to use your attribute points?

You can easily use your Attribute Points through your Characters Info's Interface by pressing "+" on the Attribute Type you want to add points to.
or even via the easiest commands by typing as the following example:
@str 100 – Adds 100 strength points.
@agi 100 – Adds 100 agility points.
@vit 100 – Adds 100 vitality points.
@spi 100 – Adds 100 spirit points.

How to reset your Attribute Points?

You can easily reallot your attribute points via the NPC "RebirthMaster" Located at Market (212, 213) as the image shows.

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