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(Bound) Conquer Points

(Bound)ConquerPoints is?

CPs is the main currency that most of Conquer players knows, So (Bound)CPs is another version of CPs which is untradable and it could get you untadable items as-well.

  • How can you get (Bound)CPs?

    How to get (Bound)CPs? Description
    Hunting monsters/ Farming As a basic way to get (Bound)CPs you will be receiving up to 1200 (B)CPs per monster from killing monsters around the game cities.
    Arena & Team Qualifier A featured system very known for all the Conquer players, So a player can claim up to 100,000 (B)CPs for the first 10 Winning matches.
    Top Class PK It's a weekly event sorts the players according to their Class, and the winner is the best of his/her class player and can claim up to 20m (B)CPs.
    Top Couples PK A weekly event begins every tuesday and as it's named, a PVP event where both Couples plays it together and they both can claim up to 25m (B)CPs.
    The LastManStanding One of the most known events for Conquer private servers players, It's a PVP events begins twice per day, where you have to defeat all your opponents at the time to be able to claim 500,000 (B)CPs.
    C.O.N.Q.U.E.R Letters Quest A PVE event where players can collect Conquer letters that drops from monsters to be swapped to 100,000 (B)CPs.
    IronMan PK It's a special PVP & PVE Event was made for ImmortalsCo where players can claim up to 276,000 (B)CPs as Packs, Also check the link for more information.
    BeginnerPacks A new created character receives a BeginnerPack (Lv1), This pack contains (B)CPs and +12 Maxed gears. You can open it every 5 levels to claim.
    OTP Online Training Points The online players will be receiving 1 OTP for every 1 minute they are staying online. These points can be swapped according to this rate (1 OTP = 2000 (B)CPs) and lots of other rewards. (Talk to ExchangeOfficer for more information)

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