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Conquer Points

ConquerPoints is?

CPs is the main currency that most of Conquer players knows. It can be used to Donate in Nobility ranking or Buying items via Trades/Booths.

  • How can you get (Non-bound) CPs?

    How to get CPs? Description
    Hunting monsters/ Farming As a basic way to get CPs you will be receiving up to 600 CPs per monster from killing monsters around the game cities.
    Tasks & Quests Check out our Quests/Tasks that you can do to get up to 50m CPs.
    KingdomWar Event It's a weekly event, happens every friday and it's one of the main events. The winner guilds can claim up to 15m CPs for each player (Score based).
    Super-GuildWar It's the biggest event here, the war begin on Saturday and the Top guild wins 5,000,000,000 CPs (can be claimed by it's guild leader), and up to 20m CPs for each player (Score based)
    Elite PK Tournament It's one of the best PVP events that Conquer players loves, where fighters will be fighting in a qualfication rounds. So the 1st gets 10m CPs, The 2nd 5m CPs, and so on..
    Treasures In Blue The most beloved PVE event for Immortals players, Players can swap the keys for a decent amount of CPs up to 45m for Gold Keys swap.
    Daily PK Tournament One of the most known events for Conquer private servers players, It's a PVP events begins twice per day, where you have to defeat all your opponents at the time to be able to claim your reward, which is 10m CPs
    Monthly PK A monthly PVP event, Begins the first Sunday of each month, The winner claims a reward of 200m CPs.
    Weekly PK A Weekly PVP event, Begins the first Sunday of each week, The winner claims a reward of 50m CPs.
    Elite-GuildWar & ChampionsWar It's another tournament for the guilds emulating the Super guild war but a different map, and begins twice per day with a fair reward of 200m CPs for the guild leader, and up to 15m CPs for each player (Score based)
    Killing Bosses You can keep teleporting to every city and kill the boss that dominates there, Just follow up the blinking spot you will find on your mini-map where the bosses are actually located. The reward is DragonSoul items & CPs up to 800k CPs (Damage based)..
    OTP Online Training Points The online players will be receiving 1 OTP for every 1 minute they are staying online. These points can be swapped according to this rate (1 OTP = 2000 CPs) and lots of other rewards. (Talk to ExchangeOfficer for more information)

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