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Immortals Team DeathMatch (PVP)


The winner team members receives 50 TDM Points can be swapped to CPs or a Random (UnBound) Garment/Mount according to the Season`s Rewards:

Season II Rewards: (Begun 1st April 2024)

Season I Rewards: (Begun 1st February 2024)


Team Deathmatch will be held twice per day, at 16:00 and 03:00 (Server-time)


Team Deathmatch is a classic team-based PK event. Teams need to score points by killing other teams.

The team that scores 100 kills or the highest points in 25 minutes, will be the winner.

The winner will be automatically rewarded and the other teams will be discarded.

What are the rules?

  • Players can't use Shopping mall inside.

  • Players can't withdrawing any item from the Warehouse.
  • No tortoise gems allowed.
  • No stun from ranged skills.
  • Special AOE skills rules not to ruin the fun.
  • Players can't have any XP Skills inside.
  • Players can't teleport out using any scrolls or VIP teleporting methods.
  • No mounts allowed inside.
  • If you got kicked from your team, You will be eliminated and teleported out.
  • If the whole team died, the whole team gets eliminated.

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