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Guide > Epic trojan quest

Reward: Blessing Cards[For Pak's Ghost], New Garments, New Mounts, Chi Packs and CPs.

Requirement: Level 120+ or Reborn Trojan to get the Cross Saber


Pak's Ghost (Twin City 267,194)

Quest Items:

You can get it randomly from those monsters: SandMonster, HillMonster, RockMonsters, BladeGhosts, BirdMan, BloodyBat, RedDevilL117

You getting it when you log in, if you are A trojan.

How to use it:
The SandEssence is usable by Right click on it and charging it 1m CPs in order to receive the rewards.
And you've chances to gain the BlessingCards what Pak's Ghost asks for.
For more information please talk to Pak's Ghost in game.

When it comes to Pak's Ghost's quest, It's 5 stages, you can get every stage done by getting the required BlessingCard for it.
1st stage: TwinCityBlessingCard.
2nd stage: BirdIslandBlessingCard.
3rd stage: ApeCityBlessingCard.
4th stage: DesertCityBlessingCard.
5th stage: PhoenixCityBlessingCard.
Notice: You get those BlessingCards no matter where do you hunt! You get them eventually by your Stage, so if you are on the first Stage you will only have a chance to get the required BlessingCard which is TwinCityBlessingCard.

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