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IronMan PK

  • Go to the IronTong NPC at TwinCity(416, 242) to signup there according to the Events schedule .

    Requirements: Collect Iron points by either killing the IronSoliders inside or killing the participants players inside there and take their points.
    Rewards: The rewards are based on how many points have you gathered, and the rewards are up to (276,000,000 CPs, +500 ChampionsPts, +50 AttributePoints.
    • Players will be able to collect IronPoints only during the 10 minutes.
    • Players will only be able to sign up during the first 10 minutes.
    • Players will only be able to claim their rewards for 5 minutes only right after the first 10 minutes passes.
    • If a Player got killed after the first 10 minutes, he/she won't be able to sign-up again and will not be able to claim their IronPoints
    • Everytime a player gets disconnected or teleported out side the IronMan event, his/her IronPoints will reset.

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