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Guide > Pro Arena

Requirement: Any.

Must have a Blade or Sword equipped & 500,000 CPs (at least).

How it works?

Simply it's a custom PK Free arena was built for Scent sword and Fast blade skills only. Shows the statistics of the top 10 players there as the image describes.

However, Everyone will be attacking each other with a low-damage inside it (up to 1000) considering pots are not allowed there. Once your HP falls down and get defeated, 500,000 CPs will be deducted from your CPs and will be awarded to the one who defeated you.

Please note the following:

  • If you decided to leave the Arena to use pots, Your records will be wiped out instantly.
  • If you went afk/out of competition for 45 minutes, Your record will be removed.

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