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What is a Skill Soul?

As the name implies, the Skill Soul changes the very essence of the skills you already have, and turns them into something extraordinary and unique!

How to Use a Skill Soul?

After you get your Skill Soul, you can right click to use it. Once the Skill Soul is learned, you'll need to open the Character Window and go to the 'Skill' section to configure the Skill Soul for that specific skill. By doing this, the special effects for the skills will be seen in the world!

Chi System

All Skill Souls Comparison (Click image to get a better view)


Skill Soul

Viper Fang

Deadly Anchor

Oreo Drill

Fire of Hell

Sparky Flame

Infernal Fire[Super]

Toxic Fog

Watermelon Bomb


Blistering Wave

Tender Fist

Piercing Lightning[Super]


Popcorn Bomb

Polar Lightning[Super]

Whirlwind Kick

Shadow Cyclone

Spinning Top[Super]

Blade Tempest

Paper Flurry

Light Dance

Dagger Storm

Fury of Egg

Shackling Ice[Super]

Radiant Palm

Lion Roar

Cloud Sword[Super]

Scent Sword

Sword Shadow

Fire Meteor[Super]

Charging Vortex

Raging Wave


Dragon Tail

Ghost Fire

Fire Hydrant[Super]

Bloody Scythe

Death Radar

Phoenix Wing

Fast Blade

Mushroom Dance

Purple Chop[Super]


Penalty Sword

Soul Stele

Gale Bomb

Death Lava



Bright Sun

Evil Claw[Super]


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