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Tasks & Quests


Tasks were added recently to ImmortalsCo, So players will now be occupied with lots of tasks. In this section you will find an answer on every question you have regarding the tasks/missions.

How it works?

You will find this trace window on the right side of your game screen.

It shows your progress on every task you have, and the task will be automatically removed when it's being completely finished

We have Daily, Achieved(Only once), and Dynamic tasks(Up to 100 tasks daily).

*Daily tasks gives you the chance to finish them once per day.
*Achieved tasks you can do them once per account, and they will be removed.
*Dynamic tasks you'll have only one Dynamic task running, Once its completed, you will be receiving another one instantly up to 100 tasks everyday.

What are the available tasks?

Task/Quest Description Reward Type
Takedown The Terato Defeat the Terato dragon once to finish it. 5kk CPS and Fame Pack Dynamic
Defeat 5 bosses Find and defeat any 5 Bosses using the new notification spot that will be showing you where the Boss spawned in each city you are in. 500,000 EXP and Honor Pack Dynamic
Find The Treasures You need to find the 25 Treasure taken by the mobs. Kill any monster and try to find them (NOTE: You will not be receiving them in your inventory). 5kk CPS and Honor Pack Dynamic
Collect 150, 250 SandEssence SandEssence this item is a part of the Epic Trojan Quest, It's gonna be associated to so many other quests/events soon and they can be found from SandMonster, HillMonster, RockMonsters, BladeGhosts, BirdMan, BloodyBat, and RedDevilL117. 1,000,000 EXP and Glory Pack Dynamic
Complete 5 Missions This task can be done by finishing any 5 tasks, no matter their type. 1kk CPS and Glory Pack Daily
Call Of The Gold You need to collect 5 fragments. Fragments drop from mobs. GoldCloth or KingOfScorpion [Not Saint] Daily
Defeat 500 Banshee Click here for more description Reward Achieved

This page will be updated once we release anymore tasks, Expect new tasks soon.

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