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Transmogrification (Transmog)

What's the Transmogrification?

It's a new feature was arrived to ImmortalsCO as its the first time ever seen in Conquer online, Which provides the ability to change how your character looks without the need to change your equipped garment and lose the best stats you have.

How it works?

  • Players will have a Transmog progress as EXP and Levels.

  • Players can increase their Transmog EXP by killing bosses (team-shared) or not, Playing PVP/PVE events which increases the Transmog EXP accordingly.
  • After Leveling up your Transmog, You will have to get a TransmogToken from PrizeOfficer NPC.
  • A TransmogToken is only used to unlock a garment as a Transmog costum but it MUST be available in your Wardrobe first.
  • Spellweaver NPC at the TwinCity came up with many options to simplify this feature, Please read the NPC dialog carefully.

This page will be updated once we release anymore tasks, Expect new tasks soon.

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