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VIP Guide

What's the VIP?

VIP is a package of services we introduce to special players, those who invests alot in-game, whether it's their money or their time.

So according to so many questions about how to be a VIP player. We've decided to make a helpful thread guide for everyone to know how to get VIP levels.

First of all, As we all know the VIP services was implemented for the players who credits, So your account Balance is the first way to get VIP levels exactly as the following image shows

The funds you've already used to purchase via PrizeOfficerNPC and not the funds you have transferred to someone else.

Any other ways?

Yeah, We have also set other ways to get VIP levels just to ensure the fairest game environment as we have promised from the begining.

You can also get VIP levels by staying online as much as possible so you get Online Training Points OTP. So you get 1 OTP for every minute you keep your account online.

Then you can just visit the ExchangeOfficer NPC at the TwinCity to upgrade your VIP level.

What are the benefits?

What's VIP 7 subscription?

VIP 7 is only available as a subscription costs $50 and another life-time subscription for $200, and it provides all the VIP 6 benfits in addition of the following benefits:

  • (1) +50% CPs drop rate.
  • (2) Extra OTP (Online training point) every 5 minutes.
  • (3) Auspicious Title and Wings in the Wardrobe.
  • (4) Refinery purified period will be altered as max as your subiscription days once you refine any of your items.
  • (5) Purified (bound) items will be purified up to 16 days.
  • (6) Up to 80 Inventory sash slots available.
  • (7) +20 (50 total) of Flowers/Kisses everyday.
  • (8) Ability to donate in Nobility via NotaryJayNPC up to 999m CPs at once.
  • (9) Ability to trade Premium garments, mounts, and Flowers/Tulips/Lilies.
  • (10) Ability to claim 10B CPs through the ClaimCP function.

  • Please note that your subscription gets cancelled automatically once you get permanent ban.

    Please feel free to submit your question via our discordapp channel

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