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Guide > Tempest Wings

How to Obtain?
There is only one way to get them, Talk to ChampionLangWin in TwinCity to purchase a pair of wings for 100 ChampionPoints. Click here to know how to get champion points.

Tempest wings Improvements?
Composing: Enhance the Tempest Wings by composing it with composed Tempest Wings or (+)STONES on the Forging interface. Away from the other equipment, +12 Tempest Wings can be further composed, up to 2,000,000 points of progress.

Bonus Attributes?
Super Tempest Wings gives bonus attributes: Damage, Magic Damage, -Damage and -Magic Damage.

Appearances and Rules?
The appearance of Tempest Wings at different bonus level: +5, +6 to +12 and above +12 respectively.

Tempest Wings are rare talisman. While in one screen, only the hero who has Tempest Wings of the highest bonus level above +6 can spread the wings; 2 – 6 heroes can fold their wings; and others’ wings will not be shown. If 2+ heroes are equipped with +12 Tempest Wings, the one with the most Composition points can spread his/her wings.

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