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The New Year Celebrations

January 01 2024 22:22:25 GMT

Another new year with all our beloved players, and another message of love to all of them!

Ready to celebrate with us? Then show us how active you are and interact with the Lanterns around the game cities.

Requirements: No requirements

NPC's: NewYearConductress (TwinCenter 439,388);


    How to obtain the RedLantern?

    • (Every 3 Wins) Arena Qualifiers matches.
    • Win LastManStanding tournament.
    • Win DailyPK tournament.
    • Win IronMan PK Tournament.
    • Defeat Bosses. (Even by Shared damage)
    • Killing 1000 monsters (Any monsters)
    • Making a purchase from PrizeOfficer NPC.

    By doing any of those, You will be receiving RedLantern item and 2m CPs, which equals 10 Interaction Points will be received once you Interact with the Lanterns around the game cities.

    However, Players are only able to interact using the RedLantern items with the Lanterns around the cities once every hour.

    So you will be collecting the points and the winners will be announced once the event ends.


    The 1st: VIP 7 Life-time subscription, and 20,000 Champ Pts

    The 2nd: VIP 7 life-time subscription, and 10,000 Champ Pts

    The 3rd: VIP 7 life-time subscription, and 5,000 Champ Pts

    Other participants: 1 Month VIP 7 Subscription, and 2,000 Champ Pts.

Note: The winners doesn't have to be VIP 6 to claim the VIP 7 Subscription.

This event will be running until 15th of January. Wish you all a happy new year!

Immortals Staff,

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