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Attribute Points Update

June 17 2024 14:28:56 GMT

Dear players, As We have been receiving too many questions/inqurires regarding last night's updates. We have decided to make everything as CLEAR as possible.

What happened to your attribute points?

    Your attribute points that you have had onto your character were completely useless, Since you can't use more than 4000.
    So the MysteryFruit rain event was not even interesting to you, So all we have done is.

  • 1: Removed the extra attribute points (the non-used) you had.
  • 2: Made the attribute points capacity for each attribute the character can have 1500 instead of 1000.
  • 3: So if you had these attribute points bough, For example: You bought from PrizeOfficer More than 4000 Attribute points, In such a case we will refund your character.

How can I get attribute points?
  • 1: Killing Bosses around the game citites.
  • 2: Taking the advantage of events such as MysteryFruitRain, Halloween event, Christmas event, etc..
  • 3: While killing the Bosses or even doing your Tasks from Quests Dashboard you will gain EXP, and for each completed EXP bar, you receive attribute points.
  • - More ways to get attribute points will be released with the upcoming updates.

Please do not hesitate to report any bug/glitch you experience.

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