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White Screen Error (Fix)

How to solve this error on any Operating system(Windows)?

Please note: This error is not related to our client, This error has been occurred due to Microsoft windows updates as they have disabled it from their Windows temporarily for security purposes, However they put it back again on 05/01/2016.

Please follow the following steps if you experience this error according to your Operating system version:

Windows XP/Vista/7:
1: Uninstall your Adobe Flash Player using this uninstaller
FlashPlayer Uninstaller
2: Then you'll need to install a lower version using this link
FlashPlayer Installer

Windows 8/8.1/10: Images to explains the steps:
Image 1
Image 2
1: Start Menu > Setting.
2: From Setting Panel > Updates.
3: Scroll down and click on Advanced Options.
4: Click on "View your update history".
5: Uninstall updates.
6: Then find this update (KB3132372) and uninstall it.
7: After restarting your computer, You should be able to run any Conquer client.

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