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Garment & Mount Selection Event

March 02 2022 19:13:11

So according to the players demands regarding a way to change the Garments stats!
We came up with a great event for you, which allows you to select your beloved garments and mounts so we can buff them up with a fair stats!

However, We will be making this event frequently and you will be able to choose a garment by voting everytime!

Those garments are already available for everyone in-game, We will only be enhancing them up with some stats!

March 07 2022 is the chosen garment at the first round of this event and it has been buffed with 10% Breakthrough, 10% Immunity and +500 HP.
You need to login to be able to vote.

This poll will end in 2 days.
Please do not hesitate to report any bug/glitch you experience.

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