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System Improvements 1.56

Highlights of what was done within this maintenance:

New updates/features:
  • Own Loot: You have now a chance to get a reward (Champion Points Included) from any Boss (Except the Nemesis Tyrant) you join defeating it, You'll be receiving your own-loot depends on the damage you have caused to the Monster/Boss.
  • Preliminary stuff you may notice for new Events & Tasks to be released soon.

  • Changed the CPs offers in PrizeOfficerNPC to fit the current in-game rates.
  • Changed the Arena qualifier reward too 500k CPs for each Match you win.
  • The perfection daily limit will be reset at 00:00 everyday.
  • Increased the following Events rewards:
    • Guild War
    • Elite GuildWar
    • Champion GuildWar
    • Class PK
    • Monthly/Weekly PK
    • Betting Competition
    • Couples PK
  • Fixed a bug where Ninjas gets invulnerable after casting their Shadow Clones.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a major delay while dragon warriors melee, along with not casting their passive skills properly.
  • Fixed the Perfection Effects rate.

Do NOT hesitate to report any bug/glitch you experience in-game.

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