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System Improvements 1.98

June 17 2024 14:30:19 GMT

New Events/Features:

  • Mystery Fruit showers till 10th of June!

Fixes and Modifications:

  • Improved the Melee Hit rate.
  • Improved the Attack speed/damage in PVE for all the classes.
  • Buffed the Taoist M-Attack against the Epic Warriors.
  • Fixed the Accuracy skill to work as intended.
  • Increased the Critical-Strike damage.
  • Modified some skills damage in order to be balanced with the new Critical-Strike damage.
  • Modified the Lottery Win message so it will not be spamming the World channel with lame wins.
  • Modified the Spook skill, You will knock out people from their Steeds using your BattlePower.
  • Modified the Super Twofold-Blades skill so only the closer ranged hit will do the 100% damage.
  • Fixed the Hossue Perfection related issue, You could now simply temper your Hossu.
  • Fixed the saddle issue and made them untradable.
  • Fixed the bugged Picked-up stacked items.
  • Fixed the Mount-Armors speed issue, You will be no longer able to run from a PK abusing that speed.
  • Fixed the Chain-bolt skill where it was available for all classes to learn/spam.
  • Fixed the Pure-Arhcer skill where it was disconnecting people.
  • Fixed the Gender Change NPC where it was bugging some characters.
  • Fixed the issue where the login bar stuck at Logging into game servers.
  • Fixed the Sand-Essences issue during the Epic trojan quest.
  • Fixed the Barber NPC where it was not showing the (Bald-hairstyle).
  • Fixed a bug on the Website where it shows VIP 7 as "undefined number".

Please do not hesitate to report any bug/glitch you experience.

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