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Patch 1080

June 17 2024 14:29:38 GMT

New features/events:
  • Happy Ramadan, Ramadan event has been released. For more information read the this link.
  • Nobility donations have been reset.
  • MysteryFruit event is now running until the 1st of May.
  • A new mount armor and garment was released in order to balance the game play, Check out ImmortalsCO Store
  • A new feature allows you to claim MagicSparBox when you're having more than 500b to be claimed through the ClaimCP button.

Fixes and Modifications:

  • Fixed an issue that was affecting the Passive skills.
  • Modified the Stamina generation for a better game play.
  • Team qualifier has been completely restructured and fixed.
  • WhirlWindKick skill was enhanced with less cool-down considering the Stamina generation change.
  • Fixed an issue where LastManStanding winner being unable to claim the reward at the time.
  • Changed the Daily PK Map.
  • Invincible Title&Wings are now available with HolyPhoenixCup.
  • Restructured the Clans system.
  • Changed the SkillSoul requirments to VIP 7.

  • Trojan Fixes and Modifications.
    • Fixed the MortalStrike skill and reduced the Cool-down.
    • Fixed BreathFocus skill.
    • Enhanced the SpiritHealing skill.
    • Exclusive stamina generation guaranteed.
  • DragonWarrior Fixes and Modifications.
    • Fixed DragonFlow and DragonRoar skills.
    • Fixed the DragonSlash hit range.
  • Pirates Fixes and Modifications.
    • Fixed BlackSpot skill.
    • Fixed the AdrenalineRush triggers cases.
    • Fixed an issue with the GaleBomb where it might disconnects you.
  • Taoist Fixes and Modifications.
    • Fixed Penetration effect.
    • Enhanced the Healing skills by 2500% and reduced the cool-down.
    • Enhanced the Meditation skill so it will restore all your Magic/Mana.
  • Ninja Fixes and Modifications.
    • Fixed BloodyScythe with Epic weapons.
    • Fixed the MortalDrag skill with Epic weapons with some enhancements.
    • Fixed the Breakthrough issue with TwilightDance damage.
    • Fixed an issue where Ninjas were able to obtain 2 XP skills at the same time.

  • Anti-cheat system has been updated.
  • Other various bugs were fixed.

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