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System Improvements 2.08

June 17 2024 13:19:00 GMT

Within this maintenance, We have made a few modifications in order to balance it with the new Attribute Points change.

We also wanted to clarify few questions we have been asked.

  • If you are losing attribute points still, You are actually losing the attribute points that you have claimed from the old items before the Extended Maintenance we had occurred.

  • We have also reset the Attribute Poll since we have got too many reports of people faking votes on it and made it more secure now. Use the following link to vote again Click here

  • Fixes and Modifications:
    • Modified the Attribute Points stats calculations according to the new changes.
    • Ninjas with skills CounterKill and ShadowClones are now able to obtain MysteryFruits.
    • Players in ProArena will be dealing even faster FB/SS chains as fast as people who have 1500 Agility points.

    Please do not hesitate to report any bug/glitch you experience.

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