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System Improvements 2.11

January 24 2022 21:09:28

We have had an extended maintenance today which was required to apply the following changes and fixes.

New features/events:
  • Chirstmas decorations and NPCs were removed from the cities.
  • Dances 2-8 are now available at the Lottery.
  • MysteryFruit event has been launched till the 1st of February.

Fixes and Modifications:
  • Enhanced Taoist's defense.
  • Disabled the Aurora & Flame lotus skills inside the GuildWar area.
  • Modified the Scentsword & Fastblade hit rate.
  • Added a cool-down to some of the Pirate's skills.
  • Added a cool-down to AirKick.
  • Added a cool-down to the combo Fatalcross -> Fastblade/Scentsword.
  • Added a cool-down to the Poison star skill.
  • Fixed the Whirlwindkick (WWK) skill.
  • Fixed the TripleAttack Breakthrough damage.
  • Fixed a bug where Pray & AuroraLotus skills were reviving enemies on PK Team mode.
  • Fixed a bug where guild members were able to submit a guild name change request.
  • Enhanced the Auto-clicker detector.

Please do not hesitate to report any bug/glitch you experience.

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