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System Improvements 2.14

February 09 2022 22:56:23

We have had an extended maintenance today which was required to apply the following changes and fixes.

If you are getting an error 0x01 or 0x02 with the ImmortalsLauncher.exe, Please use the ForceRepair option as the image describes to fix it.

Fixes and Modifications:
  • Increased the cool-down for 7StarOintment.
  • Other Pots (as the image describes) are available with almost no cool-down with decent amount of HP such as (LifePotion +7000 HP).

  • FireTaoist M-Damage is now based on BattlePower.
  • Breakthrough is now working for M-Damage.
  • Fixed a bug with the AttackRange.
  • Preliminary codes were implemented preparing to the next patch.

Please do not hesitate to report any bug/glitch you experience.

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