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System Improvements 2.16 & 2.17

March 02 2022 13:12:24

Fixes and Modifications:
  • Fixed a bug where you get random Titles such as ElitePK ones after re-login.
  • Added the EliteDesireHossu item back to the ShoppingMall.
  • Players will be receiving a BeginnerPack right after reincarnation. However, they will not be getting AttrbiutePoints from it.
  • HolyGrail you get from ChampionStore is now (-7) Blessed and (+255 HP) Enchanted.
  • Various reported bugs have been fixed.
  • Fixed the client bug where players were unable to login with re-install message.
  • Fixed the chance rate for the Unique steeds at Market NPC.
  • EliteDesireHossu is now available for (Bound)CPs too at ShoppingMall.
  • Fixed a bug where Trojans were unable to open their BeginnerPack.
  • Modified the Letters quest OTP reward to be 75 OTP instead of 20 OTP.
  • Preliminary codes were implemented for the new up-coming events.

Please do not hesitate to report any bug/glitch you experience.

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