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System Improvements 2.38

December 23 2022 21:12:33

New features/events:
  • Anti-cheat update to deal with all the new cheats.
  • Preliminary codes implemented for up-coming updates.

Fixes and Modifications:
  • Fixed an issue where the Warriors reflect was not working.
  • Fixed an issue where the (Legends) garments were untradable.
  • Fixed a visual glitch where the Antelope[Exclusive] was showing 0 Min-attack.
  • Fixed an issue with the SandEssence item so it will be back to drop and only usable for Quests.
  • Fixed a bug where InfernalEcho skill was getting casted after the attacker is dead.
  • Modified the InfernalEcho skill's client-based cooldown to 20s at the SGW map only.
  • Modifed the way SnowBags drops to be OwnLoot instead of PublicLoot so only you who can gather your items.

Please do not hesitate to report any bug/glitch you experience.

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