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System Improvements 2.54

April 19 2023 04:00:19

New features/events:
  • New HolyGrailCup has been released to the PrizeOfficer Store enhanced with Breakthrough, Immunity and MagicDefense.
  • New 2 Garments (Cruel, and BlackPanther) were added to the PrizeOfficer Store.

Fixes and Modifications:
  • Removed the Fastblade and Scentsword client delays.
  • Fixed the tab commands bugs and restructured the way it works.
  • Fixed an issue with the warriors 2-handed dodge.
  • Fixed the bug where buffers effect (such as Tranquality and Auras) remains after reincarnating.
  • Fixed an issue with the LifeFruit pots.
  • Increased the KingdomWar rewards to be (Up to 1b with & Cap of 100 pts).
  • Increased the DragonCyclone damage over bosses.
  • Increased the ViperFang and DragonTail damage.
  • Modifed the Fastblade and Scentsword range back to 8 with a bit damage buff.
  • Modifed the DragonSlash range to 11.
  • Modifed the way Bosses at cities healing back.
  • Fixed some visual text typos.

Please do not hesitate to report any bug/glitch you experience.

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