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Thanksgiving 2k21

November 25 2022 21:22:25 GMT

Because Thanksgiving is a joyous invitation to shower the world with love and gratitude!

We would like to Thank you for being a part of our community. We wish you a happy Thanksgiving and Enjoy playing ImmortalsCo!

Requirements: None


ThanksgivingEnvoy (TwinCenter 438,380);


  • You are now gaining "Turkey" item from killing monsters around the game cities.
  • Collect points as many as you can, and swap them via ThanksgivingEnvoyNPC into points.
  • Your points will set you in a ranking with other players who collect them too.
  • You will be receiving your reward once the event ends.


The 1st: 500,000,000 CPs & 15,000 ChampionPoints and P7 or L6 Package.

The 2nd: 350,000,000 CPs & 12,000 ChampionPoints and P7 or L6 Package.

The 3rd: 200,000,000 CPs & 10,000 ChampionPoints and P7 or L6 Package.

Other participants: 250,000,000 (B)CPs & 5,000 ChampionPoints and P7 or L6 Package.

This event will be running until 5th of December. Hopefully you take the advantage of it!

Immortals Staff,

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