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Patch 1035 (Released)

Highlights of Patch 1035:

  • TempestWings have been released, You can buy them for 100 ChampionPoints from ChampionLingWan in TwinCity, Click here for more information.
  • Epic Monk has been released, Check our Guide for more information.
  • (Scams-Solution) Due to the hugh amounts of scam cases that we have been receiving lately, Dr.Mirror is now packing your CPs into MagicSpars.

  • 2 New fantastic garments have been added to the Store with PrizeOfficer NPC in Market.
  • New Mount Armors & Garmenth have been added to Array'sEye.
  • New feature has been added to our amazing game launcher, Now you can set up your Frame per-second rate(FPS) through our Launcher as the image describes.

Fixes and Modifications:
  • FireTao's issues have been fixed.
  • OnlineTrainingPoints (OTP) are now limited to 500k.
  • The NemsisTyrant will be spawning in DivineJade every hour at xx:10.
  • Difficulty modes have been removed now and the CPs drop rate is now fixed (2500-3500) per-monster.
  • MatchMaker has been moved to the Job Promotion Center.
  • Top DragonWarrior halo has been fixed.
  • RobeOfDarkness(Hades) garment has some changes with it's stats.
  • PoliceUniform is now available with MerchantPakku


Please note that we are still working on the Epic updates that we have been announcing recently, Sneak peak will be posted on our website soon.

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