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Patch 1040 (Released)

Highlights of Patch 1040:

New Features/Achievements:
  • The Elite PK Tournament has been restructured properly.
  • Newbies protection system has been implemented, Click here for more information.
  • a new Automated system to warn and then chat-ban those who offend people, As well as filtering the broadcast to stop those who spam it.
  • You can now Inscribe all your items using Fast Inscribe option in your Guild Interface.
  • Your friends request will be queued this way.
  • Spirit is only usable for casting Taoist skills.
  • PVP Events such as ClassPK, WeeklyPK, MonthlyPK, DailyPK, and CouplesPK have been all restructured.
  • People whom have reached the CPs capacity won't be able to sell any items while they are vending.
  • Arena qualifier will be Engaging the players according to their BattlePower. You can't equip/unequip or even switching gears inside
  • ToxicFog skill is now working properly.
  • Refinery materials period will be purified according to your VIP level.
  • The glitch where you hitting so fast due to spamming with actions has been fixed.
  • Divorce NPC has been replaced to LoveStone.
  • Tasks bugs have been all fixed.
  • Monks Passive skills have been restructured in a proper way.
  • Subclasses have been restructured.
  • Various bugs have been fixed.
  • VIP benefits have been updated.
Client updates:
  • A new Launcher version has been released.
  • Anti-cheat updates.

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