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Patch 1065

Restarting your client might be required to login, So please make sure you are running on the lastest patch.
For Mac users: The Patch will be available in few hours.

Highlights of Patch Patch 1065:

New features/events:
  • Halloween 2018 Celebrations Click here for more information.
  • Anti-bot update (Aimbots prevention included).
  • A new option to report bots such as Archers(Auto-clickers)/Speed-hacking
  • New garment has been released in the Store.
  • Preliminary codes for some amazing events&items to be released this week too.

Fixes and Modifications:
  • Restructured the Last-man Standing event.
  • Restructured the Champions War event .
  • NotaryJay can invest up to 999m CPs into your Nobility Donations for VIP 7 ONLY.
  • Players with Newbies Protection can join the TreasuresLands now.
  • Removed two CPs packages from the Immortals Store (PrizeOfficerNPC) along with new CPs packages prices.
  • Fixed the TrojanToken issue.

Please do not hesitate to report any bug/glitch you experience.

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