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Patch 1067

Highlights of what was done within this maintenance:

New features/events:
  • Due to the majority of scam cases that were reported recently, We have prohibited the name of "Immortals" from being used by any player.
  • Added back an option to ExchangeOfficer converts OTPs into CPs.
  • Anti-bot update (Auto-clicker advanced detecotr included).
  • New PhoenixDream (Sparkle) Weapon accessory
  • Preliminary codes for some amazing events&items to be released this week too.

Fixes and Modifications:

  • Fixed the ThunderCloud bug.
  • Fixed the GM [Reporter] option, So you can now report Auto-clickers/Speed-hacking and it will detect them properly.
  • Fixed the bug where the newbies protected people can use Poisoned Blades on others.
  • Restructured the Lottery (Modified the rewards included lots of missing garments garments, flowers along with a chance of P7/P6 Souls.
  • Removed the MerchantPakku NPC from the TwinCity.
  • Modified the Warrior reflect a way better.
  • Fixed the bug where you couldn't receive the ChampionsWar rewards unless you relogin.
  • Increased the CPs you gain every 15 minutes while being online.
  • GeneralCat(Charm&Star), LavaCatRobe(Charm&Star) are no longer available at this time from PrizeOfficerNPC.
  • Regarding the new events, We have decided to postpone to the next week's update in order to launch a few more tests.

Please do not hesitate to report any bug/glitch you experience.

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