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Patch 1090

March 01 2022 22:13:25

New features/events:
  • A new version of ImmortalsLauncher.exe was released with new Custom Visual Mode Click here for more information.
  • (Bound)CPs currency has been activated in ImmortalsCO with too many use-cases and benefits!
  • New Players will be receiving a decent amount of (Bound)CPs from BeginnerPacks.
  • Monsters will be dropping (Bound)CPs along with a decent amount of CPs.
  • Most of Solo events/tournaments are having (Bound)CPs reward now.
  • CPsExchanger NPC at the TwinCity Center to exchange 1,000,000,000 CPs into 100,000 (Bound)CPs.
  • GoldPrize is now available at the ShoppingMall (Bound)CPs Tab for (B)CPs.
  • HolyGrail and Lotus are now available at the ChampionPts Store for 10,000 ChampionPts only.
  • Saddles can be collected from Bandits at PhoenixCastle.
  • New Shop (Phase7Materials) that sells (Bound)P7 Soul Items for (Bound)CPs.
  • ShoppingMall (Bound)CPs is now usable!
  • 18 Unique steeds are now available at the Marekt NPC for 250k (Bound)CPs.
  • The EliteGuildwar has now shared reward system such as the Champions-Guildwar that's based on player's effort.

Fixes and Modifications:

  • Modified the available offers cost at PrizeOfficerNPC to adapt with the new rates.
  • Modified the Nobility (Bound)CPs cost to be 15 (B)CPs for 1,000,000,000 silver.
  • Modified the TreasuresInBlue rewards according to the new CPs rates.
  • Re-scheduled the LastManStanding Event to begin every hour at xx:00. with a reward of 500,000 (Bound)CPs.
  • Modified the Bosses CPs reward to be as much as the damage you have done (Max: 40,000,000 CPs).
  • Modified the Letters Quest's reward to 50,000 (Bound)CPs.
  • Modified the EpicNinjaMission cost to be 20,000~400,000 (Bound)CPs.
  • Modified ShoppingMall Items cost such as StabilizationStones, Gems, LotteryPacks, and MemoryAgate.
  • Modified the cost of ChargingVortex skill to 50,000 (Bound)CPs and it will not be deleted after Reincarnation.
  • Modified the Perfection OwnerExchange cost to 100 ChampionPoints per item.
  • Modified the Perfection MinorStones limit to be 29160 (+8 Stone worth) instead of 9720.
  • Fixed the Tornado Auto-attack glitch.
  • Fixed a bug where GW poles were unattackable with Guard1 name.
  • Fixed the InvisibleArrow Perfection bug.
  • Fixed a bug where you can cast Tranquality, AuroraLotus and AzureShield using TeamPK Mode over Enemies.
  • Fixed a bug where skills were not getting saved to your F1 - F2 hotkeys.
  • Fixed the Kisses amount for VIP 7 From Female to Male.
  • Fixed a bug where 2 players were able to get the same Market booth.
  • Enhanced & Modified the stats of the following Garments and MountArmors: FrozenFantasy(Glaze & Glory), FoxSpirit(Sharm), RadiantLotus and PureLotus.
  • Other various bugs that were reported have been fixed.

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