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Patch 1095

March 06 2022 22:15:15

New features/events:
  • Evernight garment got buffed according to Garments & Mounts Selection Event

  • A new NPC to Bind your weapons that have no perfection progress.

  • Added DivineFanSoul to Phase7Shop at TwinCity.
  • MountOfficer NPC has been added and can be found at the Stable, Swapping Saddles to Steeds.

  • (Bound)DragonSoul can't be stabilized by PermanentStones anymore.
  • EpicTrojans can reset their Epic Quest now through the NPC.
  • New characters will be receiving (Bound)+12 Steed (Maroon).
  • Rare color steeds are now available at TaoistYun NPC for 100,000 (B)CPs as +1 Steeds.
  • (+1) & (+3) SteedPacks are now available through Lottery and even (+6) SteedPack as a rare item.
  • (+6) SteedPack available as a part of ElitePKTournament Top 3 reward.

Fixes and Modifications:

  • Scythe weapon is now usable for all classes that can equip 2-handed weapons.
  • Players can refill their ChiPoints now using BoundCPs 4000 : 50,000 (B)CPs .
  • Other various bugs that were reported have been fixed.

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