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Patch 1097

April 13 2022 22:38:38

New features/events:
  • All the game maps have been restructured and upgraded.
  • IronMan PK Event has been restructured to PVP & PVE, Visit this link for more information.
  • CPs offers at PrizeOfficer NPC has been changed so tempting!
  • GirlOfWisdom has been in-charge again and the CallOfGold event has been restructured and enabled again.
  • Nobility donation have been reset and the next reset has been re-scheduled too.
  • Ramadan events have been released, Visit this link for more information.
  • MoonBox Item has been added to the ShoppingMall now.

Fixes and Modifications:

  • Fixed the bug where characters sometimes gets +100k HP.
  • Fixed the bug where Nobility donation wasn't showing as it's being listed.
  • Fixed a bug where M-Def percentage was not being counted against M-Attacks.
  • Fixed a bug where M-Def Refinery materials were not adding M-Def %.
  • Fixed a bug where SnowBanshee was giving random loots.
  • Buffed the Chain-bolt skills range.
  • Fixed the Penetration effect message as well as added an effect to appear on the target/attacked player.
  • GoldCloth garment is now tradable.
  • Fixed a bug with the Vortex skill that made it not working as it should.
  • Fixed the WarCry skill bugs.
  • Modified the MysteryFruit drop system so they will not be obtained if the player has max attribute points.
  • Other various bugs that were reported have been fixed.

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