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Patch 1106

October 30 2022 11:55:00

New features/events:
  • Halloween Part has begun, Take the advantage now while you still can !
  • A CPs reduction has been applied to all the circulated CPs in-game considering the following:
    • Changed the 1B MagicSpar item to 10kk MagicSpar item.
    • All the Items, Souls, Funds, prices will follow these changes to a cheaper and affordable prices.
    • SplendidStarStone a PerfectionStone with 10,000 points has been added to the ShoppingMall for 10m CPs.

    • All the mobs got CPs drop up-to 600 CPs per monster for the High level mobs.
    • TwinCity shares 200k CPs every 15-minutes of being online.
    • Bosses shares up to 800k CPs along with a few own-looted small perfection stones.
    • Modified all the events with CPs rewards to adapt with the new CPs rates.
    • MagicSparBox will be exchanged by 10x10kk MagicSpar items.
    • MagicSparBox will no longer be created, but it will not be removed.
    • CPs to Nobility has been reworked as allowing VIP 7 to donate up to 999kk CPs at once, with a slightly higher rate.
    • CPs Exchanger NPC has been removed.
    • SandEssences items will be longer giving CPs.
    • PrizeOfficer NPC will be offering CPs packages instead of (B)CPs packages with a fair amounts of CPs.
    • Super-GW has got a decent reward of 1,000,000,000 CPs can be claimed by the GuildLeader, and up to 50kk CPs for each player participated it according to his/her effort.
    • Elite-GW and ChampionsWar are having a reward that's based on the participants effort up to 18kk CPs, since these events begins twice a day.
  • Moved the FrozenFantasy garments to the ChampionPtsShop.
  • RobeOfDarkness(H) and FieryDragon(H) were added back to the PrizeOfficer NPC for a limited time.
  • The PrizeOfficer NPC access is now requires your Secondary password.
  • A new reward for the Letter9 of 5x SplendidStarStones (10,000 PerfectionPts).
  • KingdomWar Event has been restructured with a new Boss inside which enhances your score and your guild's score by killing it.
  • New 2 garments [ButterflyRose] and [BrightPurpleRomance] were added to the PrizeOfficerNPC.
  • New 1-handed Weapon Accessory [KingCatStaff(Charm)] has been added to the PrizeOfficerNPC.
  • New titles have been added includes [BigTitleFan] and more to be released.
  • Anti-cheat updates to fix the EasyAntiCheat.exe and deals with the latest created cheats.

  • Fixes and Modifications:

  • Various PVP Changes were applied to fix most of classes cool-downs and even some bugged skills:
  • Stamina regeneration has been set back to the normal, so skills consuming stamina now.
  • FB/SS/DragonSlash/RageofWar/ViperFang/DragonTail skills are NOT consuming stamina.
  • Most of he classes main skills cool-down has been fixed considering the stamina consumption.
  • Fixed Ninjas: SuperTwofoldBlades range & cool-down.
  • Fixed Ninjas: BloodyScythe range & cool-down.
  • Fixed Ninjas: PoisonStar range & cool-down.
  • Fixed Monks: WWK cool-down and stamina consumption.
  • Fixed Warriors: WaveOfBlood cool-down and stamina consumption.
  • Fixed Warriors: Melee attacks along with the it's passive skills.
  • Fixed ChargingVortex cool-down.
  • Fixed Dragon-Warriors: Melee attacks and passive skills/abilities.
  • Fixed Dragon-Warriors: DragonSwing and DragonPunch skills.
  • Fixed Water Taoists: Stigma, MagicShield, and Accuracy's cool-down.
  • Increased the timeout for the Verifications answer to 20 seconds.
  • Fixed the bug where Black-named players were not being sent to the PK Jail.
  • The FrozenFantasy garments were both moved to the ChampionShop at TwinCity.
  • Fixed the bug where Taoists can equip 2 Weapon accessories.
  • Fixed the KingdomWar Wings and Title.
  • Fixed an issue where some Monster's HP was not shown.
  • Fixed an issue where Markets Booths becomes unavailable after the vendors gets disconnected.
  • Fixed an issue where some of the +12 gears defense bonus was not being considered.
  • Other various bugs that were reported have been fixed.
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