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Happy Valentine's Day!

February 14 2024 16:37:36

In celebrations of the Valentine’s Day, We wish you a lovely day spent with all the ones you love!
We are happy to celebrate this day with our beloved players, So we've decided to launch the following:
  • Valentine's Sale up to 50% off over all PrizeOfficer's offers.
  • +50% CPs drop rate during this event.
  • A mysteryfruit rains during this event.
  • Valentine's Event has been released, Talk to VenusNPC at TwinCity for more information.

Requirements: No requirements

NPC's: VenusNPC (TwinCenter 439,388);


How to obtain the RedRose or PinkRose?

  • Mobs drops EternalLoveStone, which can be swapped to Roses or a random WeaponAccessory.
  • Killing Bosses drops 2~3 RedRoses/PinkRoses.

How to get the rewards?
  • You are required to deliver roses to Venus NPC in order of 5, 10, 15, 25, Please note that delivering more than your stage requires won't be counted..

  • Participants are able to claim a reward after delivering the 5, and 10 Roses, 5,000,000 CPs, 200 ChampionPoints and a random amount Roses/Lilies/Orchids etc..

  • Participants after delivering the 15, and 25 roses, Should be able to claim the higher reward of 20,000,000 CPs, 500 ChampionPts, 3 Items with a chance of the new WeaponAccessory (BlackRose) and a very rare chance to receive a GloryCount(Bound) garment.

This event will be running until Tuesday 24th of Feb. Happy Valentine's day everyone!

Immortals Staff,

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