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WorldCup Celebrations 2k22

December 09 2022 21:12:25 GMT

Expect amazing! That's WorldCup2022 catchphrase when Qatar bid for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

and so it's also what you guys expect from ImmortalsCO WorldCup 2022 Event.

We would like to thank you guys for being a part of our community, and Wish you enjoy playing ImmortalsCO.


The new (Legend) Garments are now available at WorldCupMerchant NPC, Talk to her for to buy them for 26 Funds each!

NOTE: These garments will not be available after the event ends.

WorldCupMascot Event

    Requirements: None


    WorldCupMascot (TwinCenter 439,388);


    • You are now gaining "WorldCupToken" item from killing monsters around the game cities.
    • You will need to collect 20 WorldCupToken, to be able to swap them from WorldCupMascot.
    • You will be receiving your reward once the event ends.


    20% chance to obtain 20,000,000 CPs.

    20% chance to obtain Phase7 DragonSoul Item.

    20% chance to obtain Phase6 DragonSoul Item.

    20% chance to obtain L6 (Sacred)Refinery Item.

    20% chance to obtain 500 ChampionsPoints.

    20% chance to obtain 3-Stars Jersey Garments.

This event will be running until 18th of December. Hopefully you take the advantage of it!

Immortals Staff,

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