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14 Days Of Festive Favors

14 Days starting from 20th of December, includes the following:

1. We will be running a server-side experience bonus +100%.

2. The every 15-minutes CPs reward will be raised up to 500k CPs .

3. The CPs drop rate is doubled to 5200-6000k Per-monster.

4. 50% OFF on any purchase you do through PrizeOfficer NPC.

Christmas Event:

You are all have noticed Santa Claus and The Christmas trees were released recently.

Santa and the trees will be giving away free gifts, Includes Phase7 - Phase6 Items, EXP, and huge amounts of CPs.

You'll have to wait until Santa announces on the World channel, He'll be announcing 6 times everyday, That means only random 6 hours will be chosen everyday and Santa will be announcing in the time! DO NOT MISS IT!!

Note: This event will remain until 4th of January 6:00 AM - PST.

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