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14 Days of Festive Favors!

December 18/12/2020 18:51:12 GMT

Christmas is coming!?
Christmas isn't just about candy canes or the lights are all glowing, it's also about the ImmortalsCO's 14 days of festive favors that players are waiting for!

The first part of our festive favors event includes the following:
  • Server-side experience bonus +100%.
  • The online CPs reward will be doubled.
  • The drop rate will be doubled.
  • Winter sale which provides you 50% off.

Santa's Camps
SantaClaus has finally arrived in ImmortalsCo, and He's giving Gifts for those whom gonna help out!
Help Santa and Build a Snow man to gain various gifts for this year!

So as we promised that we will be hosting more events during these 7 days of festive favors. We have decided to launch a MysteryFruit until the 3rd of January 2021, starting from 27th of December.

Santa's Giveaway
Santa has decided to launch a giveaway event before this year ends. However, He will be announcing whenever the event starts, So keep an eye on the system messages not to miss it.

We will be posting a few announcements regarding some events we will be hosting during these 14 days. So pay attention to our Facebook Page or even to your email address (for those whom subscribed to our news feed).

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