SERVER TIME:  Monday 06/17/2024 12:08 pm

Game rules

Please read the following rules to avoid the ban issue:

Note: Sharing accounts is not supported at all, your account will be treated according these rules once any of them gets violated.
  • You'll always treat the Staff [GM's]&[PM's] of Immortals Co with the utmost respect, and you will not insult/curse/talk shit or spread rumors/lies about them or the server.
  • It's forbidden to SPAM any of ImmortalsCo Staff members, Doing that would lead you to be chat banned for 24 hours.
  • Selling/Trading accounts/items/CPs outside the game for real life currencies. If someone is trying to sell you an account/item for real money, You will get whatever he's trying to sell for free by reporting the whole case.
  • It's not prohibited to buy accounts for in-game currencies such as CPs or Funds, But We are not responsible regarding any reports that were reported on this account before you buy it. It will be treated according to these rules.
  • Buying CPs from players for real currencies is not recommended, Because you will be losing the CPs you've bought along with the money you've paid to the seller.
  • It's forbidden to mention/advertise any other servers, whether was by a Web Address or by anything related to any other private server, If it was by a Web address your account will be permanently banned, otherwise your account will be banned for 30 days first time, and in-case you repeated that again your account will be permanently banned without prior notice/warning.
  • It is forbidden to abuse any glitch/bug was found in-game, If a player discovers a bug (problem/glitch) in the game, He should report to immediately. Otherwise the abuser account will be permanently banned.
  • You are not allowed to ask GM's/PM's for level, items, CPs or any free stuff in Immortals Co and you will ignored. spamming/begging may get chat banned for 7 days.
  • It's forbidden to use Bot's in-game. If you did, you'll be sent to the Bot jail for 30 days, You will be able to get out for funds for the first 3 times and then you will be banned permanently.
  • It's forbidden to Scam players in-game, otherwise that may lead your accounts to be permanently banned.
  • Your account data will be used only through Immortals Client or
  • Racism is extremely prohibited, We will not tolerate with any racial offenses nor even as a joke and it might lead your account to be locked for 7 days.
  • It's forbidden to offend other players whether by using their names, religions, profanity, derogatory names, offensive, pornographic. and If you did that, for religions offense your computer will be blocked, otherwise your account will be chat-banned first for 7 days and once you repeat that again, you'll be chat-banned for 30 days, and then a 1-year chat ban after reaching 3 chat-bans.
  • You will not ruin any event whether by running/cheating in the map, and if you do you will be punished.
  • You will not threat any player in-game or you'll be chat-banned for 30 days, If you caught them cheating, send us an evidence and we will be so firm with them.
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