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SummerEvents 2k22!

July 05 2022 20:11:13

Summertime is always the best season for gamers, So we have decieded to make it more fun launching few events!

    Credit funds via the website and enjoy having +25% extra funds from 5th to 18th of July!
  • Hula's event has been released, Talk to Hula at TwinCity (444, 373)!

Hula's IceCream Event:

    Requirements: Collect IceCream sticks by eating the IceCreams that monsters drops.

    Rewards: 3500 (B)CPs up to 250,000 (B)CPs, PerfectionStones, ChampionPoints, L6 Materials and MysteryFruits (AttributePoints).

  • Hula will be awarding players with IceCream sticks starting from the 7th of July!
  • Players will be collecting the IceCream and eating it in order to get IceCream sticks which is required to claim your reward from Hula NPCs at the TwinCity.
  • IceCream eating may not result a IceCream stick, and in such a case you will be receiving 3500 (B)CPs instead.

Hula's event will be running till 31th of July, Take the advantage while you still can!

Do NOT hesitate to report any bug/glitch you experience in-game.

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