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Thanksgiving Winners Announcement

December 5 2022 19:04:18

We would like to thank you all guys for participating our Thanksgiving event, and The winners for this year are listed here!


Name: Genieve
Points: 40480

Name: TrojanGhost
Points: 23010

Name: PinkiFushia
Points: 18580

  • 4th: Demorhetos   17250
  • 5th: Bolota   6060
  • 6th: ZahraHaifa  5920
  • 7th: Thames   5860
  • 8th: !Phoenix   5450
  • 9th: #65fen   5070
  • 10th: ^Rikudo^Sennin^   4730
    • The listed Winners are able to choose between P7 or L6 packages, and they can receive them from Staff by messaging them over discord or even in-game.

    Please do not hesitate to report any bug/glitch you experience.

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